How Membership Works

“Almost all of our clients come to us requesting two things; they want high quality service and peace of mind. They want to know the details are taken care of and they have a long term partner who will work with them to match services with their unique lifestyle needs. We have great people, decades of expertise and, most of all, an appreciation for the “art and science” of managing a luxury home.”

Mimi Carvajal, President

Your membership in Mariposa

WIth your unique home and lifestyle membership you gain access to a monthly and seasonal package of personalized services designed in collaboration with your home management specialist.

You get a dedicated specialist

You can think of your dedicated specialist as your home management concierge. Their goal is to ensure that your vision for excellence, comfort and peace of mind is achieved every day. They take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy your home.

Benefits of membership
Less hassle: we handle all the details
Priority Services: membership equals high priority service
Guaranteed services: On time, on budget, no service interruption
Monthly assessment: we consult with you monthly to review and update the plan
Membership Pricing

Each of our clients has unique needs, unique aspirations and unique lifestyles. Our first step is to sit down and determine the scope of monthly, seasonal and concierge services you require and then develop a customized proposal that meets your needs.

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