Our Services

Our services are designed to keep your home looking beautiful and running smoothly.

Monthly and Seasonal Home Maintenance
Mariposa focuses on three components to ensure your home is well maintained and running smoothly.

  • Monthly services
  • Seasonal maintenance services
  • Concierge services

Your Membership can include all three services or select them individually based on your needs.
Your dedicated specialist will help you choose the best options.


Our monthly services plan will focus on specific requirements that your home needs on an ongoing basis throughout the month to maintain the home to your and our standards.

Monthly Maintenance Services

  • Detailed Home Cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Clean and organize kitchen cabinets
  • Deep cleaning of all appliances
  • Clean all vents and ceiling fans
  • Spot cleaning carpets
  • Monthly home checklist review so nothing is overlooked


Our seasonal maintenance services ensure your home is maintained at a pristine level year-round. Each season requires different steps to ensure your home is well prepared and we will simply take action to ensure your home transitions smoothly from season to season. We take great pride in anticipating your home’s needs for preventative maintenance and repairs to avoid costly repairs downstream.

Seasonal Maintenance Services

  • Exterior Window cleaning
  • Remove and store window screens
  • Ongoing inspection of decks, fences, handrails. Fixing where required
  • Wash patio furniture / organize or store for the season
  • Checking roofs and eavestroughs for cleaning and damage
  • General landscaping
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Inspect all caulking in your kitchen and bathrooms
  • HVAC checks, inspect and change filters
  • Inspect exterior paint; touch ups where needed
  • Inspect and repair siding and masonry
  • Insect and rodent inspections
  • Doors and windows checked for leaks
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Concierge Services

Our concierge services give you a selection of service options for helping and assisting you with home organization tasks, vacation coverage, pet sitting and support with a wide array of needs that just come up in the day to day or unexpectedly. One call gains you access to skilled service providers who we will coordinate and manage on your behalf

  • Home organization, ie. closet organizing and decluttering
  • Basic* plumbing, carpentry, electrical and drywall repair
  • Vacation and travel coverage
  • Pet sitting
  • Custom move planning
  • Painting
  • Art and mirror hanging

As we get to know your home and your family’s needs you will benefit from our attention to detail. You and your home will be pampered and taken care of.

* less complex repairs or renovations that can be accomplished by our in-house services

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